Sunday, April 3, 2011

Introductory to Casting .....

So this here is what your wedding bands or any of your casted jewellery start out as..... WAX. Yep WAX. but not just any wax special wax that you can carve and form.

Anyhow, about my class....

I really like it. The above is the beginnings of a ring that I worked on for 3 whole hours (well more like 2hrs because there was about an hour of intructional time). This will be a ring for Steve he's given me specific instructions about what he wants. He's a simple person so other than the extra width and depth it will be quite plain. My next project will be a pendant which is where I will be able to get all crazy creative with. I am really anxious to get this ring done to move onto the pendant portion of the course. I have been dreaming about things I can do. I just have to figure out how to draw so I can get what's in my head onto paper and into wax & ultimately into Sterling Silver!!

Wish me luck!!!!

p.s. sorry for the crap pictures.

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