Monday, March 28, 2011


On Wednesday I begin the Introductory Casting Class

In this class I will learn how to carve wax for the lost wax casting process. I'll learn a variety of carving techniques and finishing techniques. Will have the chance to cast my own pieces using a centrifugal casting machine. I will make 3 projects in this class: a ring, a textured piece and a final project of my choice based on the skills I learn and maintain.

Sounds easy? I'm sure it's not. But it's a start to the next level of jewellery making. I will have to take a fabrication class which the description is as follows:

Introductory Fabrication Class

Learn basic goldsmithing techniques including: piercing, filing, forming, soldering, finishing, making your own findings and much more. In this class you complete 3 projects in sterling silver: a band ring, a cuttlefish casting, and a project of your choice based on the skills you learn each week.

To be able to take the next level to the Casting Class which the following description I really want to do.
Intermediate Casting Class

In this class you continue to develop the skills learned in the previous casting class. You learn about designing a project with multiple pieces. In this class you design and carve one wax to then mold and use in multiple pieces of finished jewellery. The number of pieces you complete depends on your design. You can incorporate other techniques into this class to suite your designs. You must have taken at least one casting class (here or somewhere else) as well as a fabrication class (here or somewhere else).
Each Class costs $333.35 includes taxes. So I have to come up with $666.70 by the next time these classes come up into the rotation. I just missed the intro to fabrication class but I guess it gives me time to save up the money to do it.
I am kind of nervous about the class I am about to start day after tomorrow. I've never been able to have very many of the things I make turn out to look like what it does in my head. What if I screw up? What if it just doesn't work out? What if I suck?? 
Any Advice? I doubt it... No one reads this thing but me.

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