Thursday, April 14, 2011

Silver is Gold!!

So I am sitting here at Davisville waiting for the bus (yes I know I'm being lazy so what?) I just finished 3rd casting class. Well I casted not only my own piece but everyone else’s. If I had known I was doing that I would not have volunteered to do it first. (Not that I was afraid of failure but afraid of screwing up everyone else’s piece as well!) . There was allot of sanding and more sanding and learning how to make the mould (its called investment) by yet another 15 min passed the end of class the ring is still not as finished as it supposed to be. Good thing my husband (the one whom the ring is for) has lots of stuff that can be used to finish it at home. I have until Monday night to finish it so he can take it with him to Vegas.  The biggest thing I was not prepared for was the price. The ring is 26.6 grams @ $2.00/gram plus tax you do the math I don't want to see it anymore.  But to be honest, it's worth it and more but that's just my opinion. I do however understand Sarah's inability or rather her reluctance at selling the first few of her pieces, it's alot of work and alot of love that goes into it.

Right after casting

So I took a break to eat dinner and finish the ring completely.... It is now sitting on the left hand of the husband which is very happy with the end product. But to continue from prior to the break....

It also will explain why Sterling Jewellery costs so much. The cost of Sterling Silver (925) plus the investment material (something close to plaster of paris but stronger) and the wax all add up not to mention the cost of the tools and machines all add up to a pretty penny. Then it took me if all is said and done a total of 12 hours to make the ring from start to finish and if we want to include the timing of the part in which I could not do.. The baking of the mould in the kiln which took an additional 8 hours due to the size of the pieces. So in total that would be 20 hours. How much would all that work be worth to you I wonder. It makes me double think what I think is a reasonable price to pay for jewellery from now on. Well anyhoo I hope you enjoy the pictures of the rest of the process. Some are better than others. Feedback is required. Please share!!!

After completing ALL the sanding and buffing!

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