Thursday, April 28, 2011

Todays class

So it is now 10:22pm and I am riding the subway home from class. Today was such a waste of time because most of it was alot of waiting as the actual casting took only a matter of 10min to actually do. And because I'm not positive of what I am doing as my final project I didn't have very much to do. I did bring Steve's next ring with me (thank goodness) cause I worked on that but I am not sure when I will be casting that one because of the cost to cast it in gold. I am hoping that Father David emails me with what he wants done so I can at least do that ring as my final project. I am hoping that if he's willing to pay me for my labour as well as the cost of the silver it might actually supplement my next class or at least pay for half of it. My next class will have to be a fabrication class as I won't be able to do the advanced casting class without it. Maybe if I am good enough only the one fabrication class will be enough to allow me to rent a bench by the day as I will be doing mostly the casting at the shop only minor fabrication while waiting for the kiln to finish the molds so I can cast them. We will see. It is ultimately up to Gillian. I am now at Wellesley stn and am hoping that Davisville comes quickly I am soo tired.

These pictures are of the last parts of the casting process.
Flask enters the water

Here is Daniella washing away the investment from the silver pieces.

Daniella posing with the flask

Cleaning the investment off the pieces

So Much Silver

What the pieces look like once the investment has been removed.

Just come out of the supersonic cleaner
Just come out of the supersonic cleaner
Just come out of the supersonic cleaner
After filing some of the rough spots and the fine silver casting film off.

Just filed the edges and sanded the very top and bottom of pendant, can you see my mistakes? Good thing I know how to fix those now!

Almost but not quite done.
Polished most of the piece. It's still a piece in process.

I really hope you like hearing about my process to becoming a better jewellery designer!

And of course if you are interested in any of the pieces let me know. All pieces will eventually be available for sale once I have perfected my technique and have the ability to rent bench time.



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