Sunday, April 10, 2011

And there is progress!!

Well I attended my 2nd casting class. I was very happy with my work tonight. I ended up staying an extra 15 minutes longer than the class is supposed to take to ensure that it gets casted and done by Steve's departure for Vegas on the 19th but I think it will be worth it. Everyone is saying how good it looks (to me it's just this plain round green thing) but perhaps it will be impressive in shiny silver!
I am however hoping it drums up some business so I can take the fabrication class and the 2nd level casting class. It's in teh 2nd level where I will be learning to cast for setting stones. And then I'll be better equipped to do better made jewellery. Not just wire wrapped jewellery.
I am really excited. Because the instructor said I did great even better than most beginners. That I have a natural knack for this.
The pictures this time are much better the next set will be of the silver right after casting and the finished article.
I do hope that it turns out the way I hope it does. It will give me some confidence to work on my own for the final projects. Our new Wedding Bands.
Until Next Week.......................

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Nasreen said...

Rock on Jenn! That is so cool. Looking forward to more of your creativity... xx Nas